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Okay, I’m not usually a person who gets involved in the political/feminist shit that is going around, but THIS to me is absolutely fucking SICK.

I don’t care if you like or hate Obama, or what Marines are supposed to do or whatever happened.  The fact is that this message that is going around is an absolute rip at women.


What kills me even more is that it’s a woman who has started this particular one.  If we as women can not even be bothered to treat our sex with respect and not use our sexuality as a weapon against each other, how the FUCK can we ever expect men to start treating us with respect?  You want men to stop acting like being a woman is a put down? How about we take the first step.

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  3. zerogravija said: Even so he’s still the damn President its called respect people.
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  5. chaoticlivi said: It’s 2013, we should all be willing to admit that getting rained on sucks and everyone will avoid it when possible without it turning into some kind of sexist horseshit.
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