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Someone help! I have an addiction to vintage clothing and not enough money to afford it! ▷


Hey MBTI people…



I understand why Sherlock has a skull. I can’t seem to think without talking today.
Which function is this? Te? Ti? Trying to make my current moodiness a learning…

Yes! I am always willing to do my best to educate people on the MBTI.  It’s one of my favorite things and I’m quite passionate about it.  It makes me extremely unhappy how misused and unethical people are about it online (particularly on tumblr).  So if anyone does have a question, I would be happy to do my best to answer questions.

I really ought to save up and just take the last step to becoming qualified to actually give the Myers-Briggs test to people.  I could charge a very reasonable price to people online and give them the real test with factual feedback about what Type is and what their personality means and what it does not mean.  It feels like someone ought to be giving people the truth about the MBTI, because I have yet to come across someone who actually knows what they are doing and/or is professionally qualified on this website; or online at all that does not charge $150.00 to take the test.

top five things people need to learn about introverts


  1. Every introvert is different.
  2. No seriously actually that’s it.
  3. No two introverts will actually be exactly the same.
  4. It’s like we’re almost different people and introversion versus extroversion is just about how you gather energy, not about how you enjoy spending it or related in any way to social anxiety, clingy personalities, or a general feeling towards humanity on a whole.
  5. We all love comfortable pillows though.


This is one of the most accurate things I have ever seen.


T made my stomach super hairy and I’ve lost another inch even if I haven’t lost any weight, so I decided to post pics of it, but I’m putting them under a cut because I know not everyone gives a shit and nor does everyone wanna see weight loss/transition tracking shit, especially those who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to afford medical transitioning for whatever reason. I really ought to think about making a separate Tumblr for this stuff. Meh.

Sorry for the spots on my mirror, I need to clean it. I’m wearing my binder so no nudity really :|

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That happy trail belongs to me! :D