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Pair of Peacocks by Feanne, 2012.


I have tons of homework but funimation said I should be watching

I'm going to Dallas comicon in May. First con. Dressing as Black Widow. Any tips?

Oooh! Exciting! First cons can be both amazing and overwhelming.   While I am not familiar with how to do marvel characters, I have some friends who do them constantly.  I have been told that corsets are your best friend when wearing them.  That and different sorts of spanx to help smooth everything out (My skinny minny friends wear these too, so size doesn’t matter).  I was also just told that while wearing a marvel character costumes, do not drink excessively or eat in excessive, because that can cause bloating.  To keep hydrated drink water in small amounts and more often.  Also, don’t use any sort of pleather material, because you will overheat, and I have heard people have passed out from it.   Those are my general tips, but if you have a more specific question, I can try and answer it or send you in the right direction!


meeting people who like anime is either very good or very bad. 

TRACK NAME: Bioshock Infinite Music - Shiny Happy People (1991) by R.E.M.
TIMES PLAYED: 98 plays
TRACK NAME: Bioshock Infinite Music - Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1979) by Robert Hazard, Cyndi Lauper
TIMES PLAYED: 82 plays


The Way to Columia by IsilwenShadewind

Fun theory I have about this old, non-functioning Lighthouse. To me, it seems to be what the Lighthouse in Bioshock:Infinite is based off of. Hence the photo’s title.

Given where the in-game one is supposedly located off the coast of Maine (Near Portland, according to in-game maps) and that there is another Lighthouse very close at hand - Portland Head Light - that this is what they based it on.
There’s even the frame of an old boat house attached to the Lighthouse. (Can’t clearly see it in the picture…best the cell phone could do!)
Just thought it was amusing, even if that isn’t the case. It seemed very very similar to me. :)

Taken in Portland, Maine.

My next day off I am seriously going to drive here to see this. My husband does photography and he might be able to snag some clearer pictures. But guys I giggle every time the words: Off the coast of Maine, appear on screen.


okay I haven’t played bioshock but let me get this straight

Booker is Elizabeth’s DAD????

I thought they were incestuous siblings at most

I shipped them, dude


a) who calls their dad by their first name dads are called “dad” or at least father or some shit I call my dad “father figure” and “rad-dad” sometimes but I never call him by his first name because honestly sometimes I forget that his name isn’t actually dad

b) Booker looks hella young to be her dad

c) there is some mighty heavy sexual tension there I’ve only seen gifsets but like rlly

You might want to consider actually playing the game. It answers those questions and any others you might have.


A. She doesn’t know he’s her father, no one does and a lot of people inserted a romantic relationship because that’s the typical relationship between two lead characters.

B. He is young, he was like 18 when his wife had her.

C. The sexual tension is mostly put upon them by fans, there isn’t actually anything there, and when you know he’s her father the closeness makes even more sense. But it’s back to A. People thought they were romantic so they saw romance and inserted it. 2K and Irrational games managed to make a huge group of people pretty uncomfortable with themselves with a single moment.


Sometimes you see a light at the end of the tunnel…